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Gospel Media Group (GMG) is a UK-based charity with a mission to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to people all around the world. Our primary focus is to support ministries, content producers, and technologists who utilize visual media as a powerful tool for sharing the message of Christ.

Our Purpose

At GMG, our key purpose is to create funding opportunities that enable ministries and individuals to effectively preach the gospel to the nations. We recognize the immense power of visual media in today’s digital age and aim to support those who are using it as their primary means of communication.

Supporting Ministries

We understand the importance of supporting ministries that are actively engaged in spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ. By providing financial assistance, resources, and guidance, we aim to empower these ministries to reach a wider audience through the use of visual media.

Empowering Content Producers

Content producers play a crucial role in creating engaging and impactful media that effectively conveys the message of the gospel. GMG strives to empower these individuals by offering grants, training programs, and mentorship opportunities to enhance their skills and amplify their reach.

Enabling Technologists

Technological advancements have revolutionized the way we communicate, and GMG recognizes the importance of harnessing these tools for the spread of the gospel. We support technologists who are developing innovative solutions and platforms that enable the effective dissemination of visual media content.

Collaboration and Partnerships

GMG actively seeks collaboration and partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals who share our passion for spreading the message of Jesus Christ through visual media. Together, we can leverage our collective resources, expertise, and networks to reach even more people with the life-changing teachings of Christ.

How You Can Get Involved

If you are a ministry, content producer, or technologist working in the field of visual media and share our vision, we invite you to connect with us. By partnering with GMG, you can access funding opportunities, training programs, and a supportive community that will help you maximize your impact.

For individuals who are passionate about the gospel and want to contribute to our cause, you can support us through donations. Your financial contributions will directly enable us to continue supporting ministries, content producers, and technologists in their mission to spread the message of Jesus Christ to the nations.


Gospel Media Group is dedicated to empowering ministries, content producers, and technologists who are using visual media to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through our funding, support, and partnerships, we aim to make a lasting impact in reaching people from all walks of life with the transformative teachings of Christ.