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LIVING epistles read of men, through Media…

Welcome to, where we bring the power of the gospel to the digital world. Our mission is to spread the message of hope, inspiration, and transformation through captivating media content. Whether you’re seeking spiritual guidance, looking to get involved, or wanting to support our cause, we’ve got you covered. Join us on this journey to make a positive impact and be part of something greater than yourself. Together, let’s change lives and spread the love of God. Contact us today and let’s start making a difference!!!

How You Can Get Involved?

Become a Volunteer

Do you have some spare time that you can devote to helping one of our organisations part time? Or perhaps you are a student looking to gain valuable experience working in a television studio or environment. If either of these cases are yours, we would love to hear from you. Please visit the contact us page and tell us your story.

Sponsor a Broadcast

Christian broadcasters often have to pay their own way when it comes to making programs. We are always on the lookout for any organisations who would like to reach a predominantly Christian market with their own message. As long as that message is compatible with Christian beliefs, we are open to discussing programs sponsorships. This is a unique way to support the gospel through GMG.

Become a supporter

GMG are standing ever ready to become the bridge between modern day Christian broadcasters and those who genuinely wish to support them financially. Taking nothing for ourselves. The board of GMG commit to support the ministries and broadcasters. you select with 100% of the support due to them. GMG is a safe way to future proof your giving whilst keeping the all-important gospel of Jesus Christ on-air.

What We Do

Simply put, we are a bridge between a new breed of Christian production companies and the general public. Our collective aim is firstly to understand the viewing habits of the general viewing public. We then source and match those viewing habits with producers and production companies who are making programming specifically to reach that market. Most of the organisations we work with are dedicated to preaching the Gospel to the nations using cost effective methods. Satellite broadcasting for example is expensive and broadly ineffective. Our entire focus therefore, is OTT (over the top broadcasting). If you have a vision to launch Christian broadcasting online, using the Internet and or broadcasting apps, we would like to talk to you. Why not contact us today?

Our Story

The first channel targeted by Gospel Media Group was SALT. Sort the vision of salt was founded during the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. The founders of SALT began broadcasting on social media platforms like YouTube during the lockdown,. They very quickly discovered that the Gospel is often hindered or blocked  by commercial broadcasting limitations often imposed not by the Government but the social media giants who control the narrative according to their own perspectives and convictions. . We believe that the Gospel should be unhindered. Every minister on the platforms we serve have a mandate to preach the undiluted message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He or she must commit to do so firmly and truthfully whilst respecting and honouring the laws of the land. We chose to partner with SALT after a careful and prayerful selection process, but SALT is just the beginning. We have a mandate to help producers and  creators at every level, to preach the Gospel through all forms of new media.


The Gospel Media Group charity was established with a main purpose to support what we call genuine modern day Writers, Psalmists and Evangelists who use technology as their pens and media as their arena’s. We know that media will play an incredible role in influencing the minds and hearts of modern generations, nations and their youth cultures. We exist to provide a most necesary platform to legitamise publicise and fund what they do.

Spirit and Life TV

Established to provide a bridge between the Word of Faith and all Messianic faiths around the world.  The SALT slogan is Television for One New Man in Christ. SALT features a mix of teaching, preaching and evangelistic programming from around the world.

G Tracks TV

launching Easter 2024 as a sister channel to the G Tracks Gospel music platform. GTracks represents a genuine opportunity for Gospel artists to be featured on a quality Gospel MTV channel.

Hope and Purpose TV

There are over 1.3 billion Catholics on planet earth today. Although they know the Lord Jesus Christ, many do NOT know the presence of the Holy Spirit in their lives. Hope and Purpose TV led by Deacon Larry Oney has been called to change that..

2024 Monthly Target  £10,000

The first target we have set for 2024 is to raise £120,000. This will allow us to help with the launch of four worthy online TV stations., we are looking for individuals and organisations who can commit to helping us with this monthly goal. If you would like to hear more about this initiative, please fill out the form below and select monthly target support. Someone from the organisation will come back to you as soon as possible.

News & Updates

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

We will be happy to answer any queries you may have. Please use the information below to get in contact with us as soon as possible. We will usually respond within 48 hours. Thank you for visiting

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